• Can parents buy the "Junior Comfort Seat"?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" is specifically designed for the harsh day to day use in an airliner and its dimensions are fine tuned for the perfect fit on a specific seat. The "Junior Comfort Seat" is therefore not intended to be sold to individuals.

  • Can an airline choose its brand colors?
    Yes, we are able to provide any color from the "Pantone" color palette. Due to the design of the "Junior Comfort Seat", also a dual color scheme is possible. For more information go to the download page.

  • Does the "Junior Comfort Seat" fit on all economy seats?
    Long range economy seats are all quite similar in their dimensions. However, some details such as armrest, seatbelts, recline etc. can be quite different. To guarantee a perfect fit, the design of the *Junior Comfort Seat" will be finetuned to every specific seat.

  • Can the "Junior Comfort Seat" be used during take off or landing?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" is a comfort device to provide highest seating and sleeping comfort during cruise flight. It is not intended to be used during take off or landing.

  • Is a child safe in the "Junior Comfort Seat"?
    Yes, absolutely. Toddlers able to sit can be buckled up with the normal seat belt. Babies are supposed to use the loop belt on the parent’s lap during take off, landing or heavy turbulences. The procedure is very similar to the usage of the baby bassinets on the bulk head.

  • How long does the installation takes?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" can be inflated with our "Turbo Inflator" in just seconds. The process is very simple and does not require special crew training.

  • What warranty do you offer?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" comes with a 2 years limited warranty. The expected lifetime is 5 years.

  • Is the "Junior Comfort Seat" certified to be used on board?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" is considered a "loose item" and therefore does not need to be certified. However, the "Junior Comfort Seat" is built under the strict aviation laws and fulfills the necessary requirements for onboard use.

  • What is the delivery time of the "Junior Comfort Seat"?
    The delivery time is approximately 3 months from the time of order, depending on number of units, color scheme and possible design changes.

  • What documentation comes with the "Junior Comfort Seat"?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" is delivered with a "Certificate of Conformity" (CoC).

  • Is the "Junior Comfort Seat" available for retrofit?
    Yes, absolutely. The "Junior Comfort Seat" can be used on virtually an existing economy class seat.

  • Can the "Junior Comfort Seat" be used for variable seat pitches?
    Yes, the "Junior Comfort Seat" is designed to cover up to 3 inches of seat pitch variations. Please contact us for your special needs.

  • Can the "Junior Comfort Seat" be repaired?
    The "Junior Comfort Seat" is made of industrial grade materials and damage is very unlikely. Nevertheless, small damages can be detected and repaired with the optional maintenance kit.

  • Do you offer spare parts?
    Yes, a bill of material for spare parts is available to all our customers. 

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