Everyday more and more parents are traveling with children, infants and even babies on long-haul flights. However, the economy cabin is primarily designed for adults and does not offer much seating comfort for the young passengers. Therefore, the journey can be equally challenging for the children, parents, fellow passengers and the crew. The “Junior Comfort Seat” transforms virtually any economy seat into a comfortable, child-friendly environment that can help to make air travel a wonderful and pleasant experience for everyone on board.

Benefits for the Passenger

The “JCS” offers outstanding seating and sleeping comfort for babies and children up to five years of age. Parents do not have to carry their own comfort devices on board or worry about installation and storage, as this is executed by the crew. More benefits are:

  • Objects such as pacifiers, pens, toys etc. are prevented from falling between or underneath the seats.
  • The optional light shade provides a dark and cozy environment for babies, even during daytime flights.
  • A hygienic cover or a blanket provides a clean and hygienic environment.

Benefits for the Operator

  • Transportation of babies in bassinets is no longer limited to the front-row seats. Operators may now be able to sell these popular front-row seats at a premium price to selected customers. Whereas families can now use seats further back in the cabin.
  • With the “JCS”, the range of family friendly seating can dramatically be increased.
  • In addition to the baby bassinets, operators can now offer a comfort seating device for children up to the age of five.
  • Parents are grateful for support to ease the journey of their children and may choose the airline accordingly.
  • Calm children significantly reduce possible stress in the cabin.
  • The seat material does not absorb fluids of any kind and can easily be cleaned or even sanitized.
  • Inflation and deflation is accomplished with a high-tech inflator, specifically designed for onboard use. It can be operated by battery or over onboard-power.
  • The operator does not have to worry about comfort items brought aboard by parents that are possibly unsafe, interfering with the comfort of other passengers or jeopardizing the integrity of the seat structure.

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Junior Comfort Seat


Junior Comfort Seat


Junior Comfort Seat


Junior Comfort Seat


Junior Comfort Seat


Junior Comfort Seat

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