The AvioSleeper is a multi-functional inflatable bed that can be used for crew rest, as a sleeping couch for passengers, or as a treatment platform for medical emergencies during a flight.


  • On long-haul flights, especially on increasingly popular single aisle aircraft, the AvioSleeper serves as an alternative crew rest option for the extended crew. This solution offers comfortable and uninterrupted rest, typically required on such flights.
  • Airlines can also offer the AvioSleeper to passengers in economy class for additional sleeping comfort and generate an opportunity for significant ancillary revenue.
  • In case of a medical emergency, the AvioSleeper can be used on its back side directly on the cabin floor as a treatment- and observation platform. It offers comfort, stability and privacy for the patient as well as easy access for treatment providers and caregivers. Up until now, there has been no optimal solution to adequately place a patient on the cabin floor.


Weighing only 3 Kg (6.6lbs) the AvioSleeper is a unique multipurpose solution.

The setup time takes only 1 minute and when deflated, it fits in even the smallest storage spaces.

Due to its inflatable nature, it is a perfect fit on virtually any seat-bench and adapts to different seat-pitches with ease.

No attachments are needed on the seat and since it is designated as “loose item”, the AvioSleeper is the ideal retrofit solution to any aircraft, without the need of additional certifications.

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AvioSleeper – NEW


AvioSleeper – NEW


AvioSleeper – NEW


AvioSleeper – NEW

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